Info for Exchange Students

Training periods of your studies can also be done in Mylly. We co-operate with XAMK and other educational institutions,so don't hesitate to contact us and your school teacher to book an appointment with us.

A training period in Mylly?

Here in Mylly we can offer opportunities for guided yet independent work where i.e. a student is taught to take responsibility of creating one's own working schedule for necessary time management with your tutor. It also helps student to keep track with their work progress. 

We work in a friendly and multicultural environment. 

The first week is orientation and self-reflection into ones' own skills and what you want to develop in your working as a growing professional. We will plan the tasks in advance before the starting date of training, when possible. After the main tasks are clear, a student usually can proceed to taking responsibility of others aswell in our group activities and social work environment, while co-operating with the Mylly staff, designated mentor and customers.

In Mylly it is also possible for students to organize some of your own projects according to your own excisting skills in terms of creative yet modern and practical development work for Mylly or its services. As an example, this could be a club activity for our customers where they learn a new skill like a knitting club or a language club for public audience.

We in Mylly see creativity in today's world as a value and resource to be recognized in the job markets and developing sustainable and humaine social work around us.

Students can also make their own feedback form in their projects to collect anonymous feedback on their own success with the social work.

The School's teacher, Mylly's assignated mentor and executive director together with the student will review the training period and the training schedule to be agreed on.

Work schedule in Mylly is best between 9:00 am to 16:00 (4) pm or if we have events, the students are encouraged to participate into the making and executing these happenings as part of the normal practice in toimintakeskus Mylly.

Welcome to work with us!

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