Reservation of Mylly's Club Room & Premises

Everyone can reserve Mylly's club room (with sauna) and premises for their own use. Rooms can be reserved for various events, meetings or even your own art exhibition.

We encourage membership of Mylly's association in order to enjoy free reservation of our premises.

It is advisable to make a reservation request in good time before the event.

We also recommend a preview of our premises in advance, especially if you are booking for the first time.

You can check the available times via Calendar.
You can see our floor plans Here.

Enquiries and Bookings:
Lorena Vasquez                                                                                                         Tel: 040 526 5407 or by filling the following booking form,

Are you a member?
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By submitting the reservation request form, you agree to our privacy, registry, and personal information processing policies.
You can read our policies Here (in Finnish).

Preview of our facilities

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