Working Life & Training support services

Multicultural centre Mylly organizes employment rehabilitation and education services as well as other helpful activities. As part of our services aimed at delivering better personal well-being and employment opportunies, we offer individual and group guidance sessions.

Our personal service begins with a personal plan based on a survey where a potential trainee will be helped in finding the right path supporting his/her objectives. Our goal is to help our customers finding their own path into meaningful working, education or daily life.

As part of our individual and group guidance sessions,  we get acquainted with companies, Finnish working culture, online and in person courses, and trainings offered by educational institutions. You can also get help from Mylly for making a job or study place applications, creating/updating your CV.

You can book an interview via the following form,

Before making an appointment, please consult your contact person at (Te-toimisto/Kymsote/Eductional institutions/etc) regarding your possibilities for joining our working life services at Mylly.

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