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Multicultural centre Mylly

Multicultural centre Mylly is a welcoming international meeting place and events hub aiming to promote integration and well-being beyond all ages, races, and nationalities.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners across Kymenlaakso region, Mylly provides its customers with the necessary social employment, rehabilitation and training in addition to daily life support.

Finnish language lessons

MYLLY's Finnish language club 

In the club we will review Finnish language grammar and discuss different everyday topics.

Mo-Tu-We 9.30-10.15am and  10.25-11.10am 

Open to everyone and free of charge. Come join us!

Multicultural centre Mylly
Gutzeitintie 14, 48100 Kotka

Lorena Vasquez 
Tel. 040 526 5407

Teacher: Timo Pihlajaniemi⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Online services

Virtual livingrooms

Online discussion forums en Français, lingala, suahili, kinyaruanda, and kirundi languages.

  • En Français on Saturdays at 9-15
  • Suahili on Saturdays at 15-18
  • kinyaruanda & kirundi on Sundays at 20-22:30

Open to everyone and free of charge. Join the conversation!

Kaleb Shabulinzenze
Tel. 044 230 6131

Multicultural centre Mylly

Gutzeitintie 14, 48100 Kotka

Consultation services

Everyday support

Mylly helps new residents of Kotka in their process of integration into daily life.

We also help foreign experts from companies in the Kotka-Hamina region as they move to their new life in Finland.

Our everyday support initiative is mainly funded by The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

You can get free of charge consultation from Mylly in the following areas: (if possible in your own mother tongue/English) Otherwise, Mylly speaks Finnish as its mother tongue and also teaches it.

  • CV writing and job searching
  • Daily life
  • Financial management
  • Doctor appointments and visits
  • Housing matters
  • Well-being (mental, physical and social)
  • Official appointments and visits
  • Coaching and prepration advice

Contact us!

Weekdays from 9-16 by phone, email (, and via our online chat in,

  • Finnish, Spanish, English / Lorena Vasquez 040 526 5407 
  • Finnish, Français, Suahili, Lingala, Kinyaruanda, Kirundi/ Kaleb Shabulinzenze  044 230 6131


Multilingual advice

Multilingual counseling for African families' new life in Finland

In Finnish, Français, Suahili, Lingala, Kinyaruanda, Kirundi

Mon-Tue: Multicultural centre Mylly, kotka

Mon: swahili, kinyaruanda, kirundi club in Kotka's mariankatu 14, at 15.30-17.00 also online

Wed: Kotka's karhuvuori tarinantie 2 torilla at 8.10- karhula vesivallinaukio 3 torilla at 12-14

Wed: Français, lingala club in Kotka's karhula karhulantie 33 at 15.30-17.00 also online

Thurs: Porvoo at 9.00-15.00

Sat: Mylly's multicultural club at 9.00-15.00

Home visits are possible by appointment.

Kaleb Shabulinzenze
Tel. 044 230 6131

Multicultural centre Mylly

Gutzeitintie 14, 48100 Kotka

We offer support in the following areas,

  • Everyday life,
  • Peer support in various aspects of life,
  • Applying for jobs/study places, making a CV,
  • other things you need to take care of and need help with.

Finance counseling

The professionals of finance counseling will search solutions with you for both small and big financial problems. Your problem may have to do with paying bills, getting into debt, debt enforcement, recovery proceedings or balancing your finances.

You can visit us anonymously, asking for advice confidentially and free of charge!

Finance counseling sessions are held at
Kotka's main library (Kirkkokatu 24,48100 Kotka)
on Wednesdays from 12-15



In co-operation: Kela, Kymsote, Talous- ja velkaneuvonta (Financial and debt counseling),  Maahanmuuttajien ohjaus ja neuvonta MOONA (Immigrant guidance and counseling MOONA), City of Kotka, Kymenlaakson perhekeskus (Family centre of Kymenlaakso), Congregation of Kotka-Kymi, Enforcement Authority and Multicultural centre Mylly.